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852 Entertainment

We all born in Hong Kong and the native of Hong Kong. we love Hong Kong and our local culture. ... After more than 30 years of audio-visual culture washing and ruining, not many people still know how to enjoy audio-visual, books and respect the culture. The one who know the culture must be respected the physical CDs. , DVDs, Blu-ray, books..... Live Streaming is the ready-to-eat /fast food cultures that must not replace our physical products culture, because physical products are essential elements of audio-visual & book culture. Support your favorite artists, buy the physical copy and collect! To support our core culture! 

We have more than 25 years experience selling CDs, DVD, Bluray & vinyl including store, wholesale, copyright licensing, record company managers and head buyers for Europe, Japan, Japan and South Korea global purchasing. Nowaday, the large chain stores do not understand how to the operation of the audio-visual industry, and due to the unreasonably high local rents. In the 20th century, we decided to fully develop our online business. With our expertise in the industry, we will keep on promote the good products to the customers. 

We love music, movie & books. It is the thread that binds moments and memories, marking special milestones in our lives. And we believe that nothing can replace the feeling of owning and touching the physical product that your favorite musicians have created for your enjoyment.
We are one of the local largest music and vinyl wholesalers with over 20,000 titles in stock. We specialize in both bulk and direct-to-consumer fulfillment.

Other versions and quantities can be ordered. Please contact us for details. If you are interested, you can also visit our own website @ 852 Entertainment
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