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QUEENA CUI (CUI ZIGE) Love Cantonese - 852 Entertainment

QUEENA CUI (CUI ZIGE) Love Cantonese

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1) QUEENA CUI (CUI ZIGE) Xiyue CD 2020

崔子格 喜粤 CD 2020

In the past 10 years, Cui Zige has composed and sung the theme song for many domestic famous film and television works, so she won the OST Queen
The title, its work playback rate has exceeded 1 billion. Cui Zige has loved Cantonese pop songs since childhood. Especially in the seventies or eighties of Hong Kong
The theme songs and popular Cantonese songs of the modern TV series have had a profound impact on her musical growth. Publishing Cantonese albums is her
Since her dream, after she published 9 Mandarin albums, it took two years to record her dream in order to fulfill her "Cantonese Song Dream"
"Xiyue" Cantonese album, original collection of songs, Mandarin pop songs filled with Cantonese lyrics and a total of 11 Cantonese songs, first
The second Cantonese album was published with sincerity. 

中國新音樂女王崔子格,創作型女歌手, 曾為泳兒、陳偉霆、洪卓立以及蕭正楠等人創作過歌 曲, 在過去10年, 崔子格曾為國内很多蓍名影視作品創作及主唱主題曲, 因而得到OST女王 之稱號,其作品播放率已超過10億。崔子格自幼極喜愛粤語流行歌曲。尤其是香港七八十年 代的電視劇主題曲及粤語流行歌,對她的音樂成長之路非常影響深遠, 出版粤語大碟是她一路 以來的夢想, 在她出版了9張國語專輯後,為了圓她“粵語歌之夢”,特花了两年時間,錄制出” 喜粤” 粤語專輯, 專輯集原創歌曲, 國語流行曲填上粤語歌詞改编及翻唱共11首粤語歌曲,首 次出版粤語大碟,誠意十足。

1. 長城
2. 裝睡的人
3. 一分鐘
4. 亂世正果
5. 愛如空氣
6. 無限
7. 很想快樂
8. 老婆大晒
9. 虞美人
10. 最好的结果
11. 無限(Future Version)
12. 一分鐘(Acoustic Version)
13. 缘滅, 缘起/(Feat. 夏韶聲)

Release Date: 2 Apr 2020


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